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June 28, 2014

An intimate wedding in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles.  The boys were very eager to pose for the camera and provided endless energy at the reception.  It was another fun day at the wedding.


June 7, 2014

Another ass kicking and dwon right awesome wedding.  I was assigned to take photos of the groomsmen and boy they didn't disappoint.  When there's so much love and energy and just seeing through the lens makes you just want to fire the shutter like an automatic pistal.  I love shooting latino wedding, in case you haven't heard me saying that before.


It was my honor to be the photographer for my best friend Jose on his wedding day. I know Jose since I moved to L.A. in 1997. We became very close later when him and I ran a volleyball team together back in the early 2000’s. Jose and Alan are the model for any relationship that is filled with love, understanding and most of all true friendship that will last forever. Congratulations for a new chapter in your lives. May it fills with love and understanding that will guide both of you though uncertainty of life. I usually don’t get emotionally involved with my subject but I was in tears a lot while taking these soul mates share and declare their commitment to each other. A validation that true love does exist after all.

I love latino weddings. Everybody has fun no matter how big or humble the couple's economic background is. It's all about celebrating life's milestone together as a family. They make you feel included no matter who you are as long as you are at the party. And when the salsa comes on, that's when you see everything there is to know about the latino culture. How they move, how that look at each other and the sexuality through their body language and their dance moves. I’m forever fascinated by them and probably will not turn down a latino wedding party no matter how much I get paid for this reason.

John & Jenna for M.A. Photography

Second shooting for M.A. Photography in Orange County, CA.


My first experience with Latino wedding.  It was like love at first sight by observing unclose and personal how they party and how  families are tied together. Thanks M.A Photography for opening my eyes to a world I’ve always fascinated with.  I will forever be grateful.

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