It all began back in late Sping of 2012 after losingf my closet baby brother to pancreatic cancer earlier.  The world that used to be warm and cozy all in the sudden turned into a blizzard of pain and sorrow and you felt like you are left out there alone and there was nowhere to run or no one to turn to.  Everything that seemed certain is up in the air and at the end of the day all you can do is just watching the wheel turns without the ability to hold on to anything.  And that's when I realized that the only thing we can do is to observe and let things be the way they are meant to be.  Then all in the sudden, the seemingly imeasurable pain starts to dissipate and as you start to detach yourself from those 'things" that you think you own and the way you think they should be, there comes a sense of indescribable peace and a breif moment of liberation ensues.  And that's how I connect to the world around me.  It is the basis uponwhich I see the workd through the lens.  I wonder what the world would be like if we look at it without interjecting our judgemen.  


The way I relate to people is to look deep into what drives them and try to understand try to observe what that person is all about with the least amount of judgement as possible.  That's when I find the person starting to radiate and I get to have a sense of who they really are by just one look.  I find eyes are the most powerful tool to commicate your feeling, your intention and the sate of your emotion well being.  Everything there is to know about the person can be summed up in a second by looking into the eyes.  It's an open tunnel for you to let your definition out and tell the world that this is who I am.  To me and to most professionals whose work is to cast actors, the first thing we look for is how effective the actor communicate through the eyes along with the body language.  Come to think of it, your headshot is your most powerful and effective tool to communicate to your perspective client that you are what they are looking for.  It's the first thing people will look at beffore they even think about hiring you, therefore what you show tells the world who you are and whether anyone should take you seriously as an actor or model.











The Process......

Photography to me is art.  It's a way for me to get my point of view across though the medium whether it's wedding, jounalism, portrait, architecture or even comercial.  The trick is to capture the true essence  and story of the subject and get that point across through the images.  


My biggest influence is the cinematography of all the movies I've watched in my early years.  I love to tell a story through my work in the cinematic style.  Every time I shoot, the image of a movie scene always pop in my mind as a point of reference, especially the way I see the lights.  Lighting is the most important element in all of my work, even when I shoot a bag.  It's my identity in every piece of work that I create.  

Art has a life of its own. You can’t control, dictate, nor predict how people will react. Best to just put forward and let it meet its own destiny.