Starter Package: $99.00

  • 30 minutes shooting time

  • Studio or outdoor location

  • 1 high-resolution digital image ready for printing and web

  • the entire process will take about an hour



Studio Package:  $295.00


  • Pre-shoot consultation

  • 2 hours shooting time

  • Studio, outdoors (weather permitting), or both

  • Private online proofing gallery

  • Standard retouching on 4 finals

  • 4 high resolution digital images per look ready for printing and web.  This includes:

    -   One staple look for you general headshot use

    -   Your choice of three expressions of the same looks

  • Archiving of the entire shoot for 4 years

Port Folio Package:  $495.00
  • Pre-shoot consultation

  • 4 hours shooting time

  • Studio, outdoors (weather permitting), or both

  • Private online proofing gallery

  • Standard retouching on 8 finals

  • 8 high-resolution digital images (4 images per look) ready for printing and web.  This includes:

    -   Two staple looks for you general headshot use

    -   Your choice of three expressions per look

  • A free profile page with a brief bio along with all of your final photos for a year on our Facebook page.


Headshots to actors and models is what packagining is to consumer goods.  It quickly gives the customer an idea of what you are all about. Your customer will instantly make a connection and respond to what they see.   More importany, it establishes the perception of your position in the market where your price tag is justified.  A well designed packaging can sell the product in almost an instant.  The same goes with headshots.  It's your packaging where it tells your custome everything they need to know about you as an actor and as a person the second he or she takes a look at your photo.  The casting agent will be able to tell immediately how seriously that particular actor should be taken or somethng that goes straight to the garbage bin.  


Choose wisely and you'll becoming a working actor soon.  


Our primary goal is to get you noticed by people that count and get you more auditions, great representation, more meetings, and hopefully the role of a lifetime you've been looking for.

Pricing & Terms

Our headshot packages cater to the needs of actors and models who are either just starting out and want to test the water to see if you have a shot in the business or if you want to develop a port folio to showcase your repertoire.  

Book by Oct. 15, 2017 and receive additional $25.00 off any package. 

Additional Options

  • Additional retouched finals from the shoot are available at $55.00/image

  • Additional retouching beyond standard is quoted on a per job basis

  • Additional shooting time is $75.00/ half hour

Makeup Artist  

We work with a wide range from startup to Hollywood top makeup artists.  The price starts at $99.00 and you'd have to pay cash directly at the time of the shoot.


We run special promotional rates from time to time to our returning customers or as a group where you can come in with a freind and get at least 10% discount.  Please inquire for detail.




Given all the planning that goes into the shoot and the immediate feedback we get looking at the images on screen during the shoot, it is highly unlikely that there will be a need to reshoot. However, if you simply cannot choose a final you like, a reshoot can be scheduled within 30 days of the initial session for an additional $200.00.


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to make a reservation. The balance including tax is due at the end of the shoot.  Please note that if you need to reschedule for any reason, 2 business days advance notice is required. You can reschedule one time and apply the deposit to the rescheduled session.  Otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited unless I can fill your slot with another client.

Call (323) 620-2442 for booking.