Parties that I've been lately.

August 9, 2014

Went to Palos Verdes for a sweet sixteen birthday party. Too bad it was completely covered with clouds but the girls made it up with fun and silliness. Gosh I miss being young.

Birthday Party in South Central

A very lively birthday party for a 10 year old girl in South Los Angeles. I’ve got to be grateful for the opportunity to meet new people and new culture everyday. One thing I took home with me is that no matter how different upbringing, kids are always full of energy and live in everything they do and they absorb what;s around them like a sponge. Like they say, the apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree. The best way to raise a kid is be a good example. Let me know what you think.

A birthday party for a two year old girl named London. The setting was so beautiful it might as well have been done at Disneyland. Thank Melissa for such a delightful afternoon with your wonderful family.

A dance variety show every third Wednesday at 11 Club in West Hollowood.  The show is packed with awesome numbers form top choriographers from L.A..  You'll the best of the best of working dancers from all over L.A. and the world.  Check out Jete Variety Cllub every third Wednesday.  You won't be disappointed.

New Year’s Eve L.A.

Twenty thousand Angelinos came out to celebrate the first major countdown to 25014 party in a brand new Grand Park in front fo L.A, city hall.  Could this be the beginning of an Los Angeles era?


Visual arts and music performances in downtown Los Angeles orgainized by hip-hop artist, Cool Ray.

A fashion show by LA's up and coming designer Walter Wilson at the Celebrity Center in Hollywood, CA.

May, 2013

After years of hard work, came the happy and celebrating moment of achievement.  Congratulation Pam on your new milestone.

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