“Art has a life of its own. You can’t control, dictate, nor predict how people will react. Best to just put forward and let it meet its own destiny.” 

A Los Angeles based photographer who found his calling after 47 years of self discovering precess through wearing many hats, from a business owner to a production manager for the garment industry in Los Angles.  Panas has always been looking and feels like something is missing in life.  After losing his brother/ best friend in early 2012, Panas had to examine his own existence as to what purpose one lives for and he found photography.  Since then, Panas has discovered more and more and is convinced that telling a compelling story and to be a voice through his photography is his calling.


Since starting his photography career in 2012, Panas has caught the attentions of many publications both in journalism and online photogarphy magazines from his distinctive stye and the ability to capture the essence of his subjects with honesty through his interpretation.  Panas has also won praises from upcoming actors and talent agencies in Los Angeles.  He is working on movie and television projects as the set photographer.